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PCB Design Kits

WDC has proven Terbium/65xx Developer Boards as reference designs for getting you started with our Chip level products.


WDC’s PCB Design Kits contain Mentor Graphics DxDesigner developer board schematics with WDC component library, Cadence ORCAD Capture schematics with WDC component library, and PADS PCB board layout design files as well as the design views and files of WDC’s developer board designs. These files may be imported into various PCB design tool suites in the event you don't use the Mentor or Cadence tool suites we currently support. Also included are datasheets and PDF schematics of each board.

These boards have built-in parallel (fast) TIDE ports for in–circuit debug of your system and application software that is downloaded and runs on the developer board. In addition, this design kits are reference designs for creating your own TIDE port. These designs are supported by our Terbium/65xx ProSDK assembly and C language tool suite including our Terbium IDE (TIDE) for ease of development. The combination of a PCB design kit with ProSDK can get you up and running with your new Terbium/65xx microprocessing project in no time at all.

Installation Guide

You may purchase these boards or a modified version from our PCB Manufacturing Partner, JTL.

Terbium Developer Kits

WDC's Terbium Developer Kits (TDK) provides the user with a complete kit to begin application development and familiarization with the reconfigurable and expandable 65xx programmable Verilog RTL technology family. Each kit is a minimal System on Programmable Chip example based on WDC’s Verilog IP Cores.

The kit is a three part system consisting of:
1.) FPGA Based Developer Board
2.) Programmable MicroController Unit (PMCU)
3.) Software Development Tools.


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